Friends Forever

Kaylea and I have been friends since Junior high. We played volleyball together, and instantly clicked. We have kept in touch through changing schools, different colleges, and everything that life has thrown at us. We have made such an effort to always keep in touch and we meet up at least once a year (though we really should see each other more often).

June 2017 Kaylea and I sat down at Chick-fil-A for our annual meeting catch-up. We ordered our food, and sweet teas and sat down to catch up on everything that had happened since the year before. As we were talking about college and everything that had happened over the last year, Kaylea began to tell me about this amazing guy that she was dating. She shared with me his love for Jesus and how he absolutely adored her. I could tell from the way that she talked about him, she was truly in love; she told me that several times she was! She expressed how she knew that he was the guy that she was going to marry.

As hours passed, and Chick-fil-A employees had asked us for the 6 or 7th time if we needed refills, this mystery man of hers showed up after he got off work. He was as sweet as she had described him to be. Austin, then sat down and began talking with us, and then later Ryan showed up! I could tell that we were all bound to be good friends. We parted ways that night promising that we would see each other more than our annual meeting.

In 2019 Ryan and I had Tobias, and Kaylea was my first friend to come over and see him. (She was also the first person outside of my family that got to hold him; He had peed all over me and she had to watch him while I changed, haha)

Here we are three years after meeting Austin in 2017, and they are now having a baby of their own. You can feel the love that they radiate from each other. Austin truly adores Kaylea with his whole heart. He could not keep from kissing her and telling her how beautiful she is.

We are so blessed to have you as friends. We love you guys and cannot wait to see baby Maddox. Tobias is so excited to meet his friend.

Samantha & Ryan

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